Delving into the world of computers can be daunting. It can be reassuring to have a helping hand guide you through the process, and help you get comfortable with the technology.

  • Purchasing, installing and starting to use a new computer, and other hardware such as printer, scanner, etc
  • Fixing problems : something is wrong but you don’t know what? Even after the warranty period, I can help you solve problems with your computer, clean it up and make it faster. I will also tell you when it’s time to replace it, and will help you choose your new computer
  • Learning new skills
    • Writing letters
    • Sending emails, and attaching files into the mails
    • Searching the internet, purchasing travel or concert tickets online, shopping online
    • Uploading pictures from a digital camera, editing them, printing them, and backing them up
    • Managing music files to add to an mp3 player
    • Using cloud- based systems to share information with other people (using Google Drive with Google Docs, or using a storage system such as Dropbox)
  • Using a tablet :
    • Setting it up and getting the apps you want
    • sharing data from the tablet with a computer or a smartphone

Book your time with me, and I will come to your home when it suits you, for training sessions lasting from one to three hours.